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£99.99 LG N1T1 1TB DLNA Certified NAS with Built-In DVD-RW

The N1T1 1TB NAS iTunes Server from LG is an excellent Network attached storage with DLNA and built-in DVD-RW for all your digital content – old and new. The N1T1 is quite user-friendly all-in-one media storage device.

LG, it seems, has worked out every possible detail to make this NAS a central device to fulfill your media storage and sharing needs as well as home entertainment requirements. It comes with an enormous 1 TB (1000 GB) hard drive, and a high-quality DVD-RW optical drive.

The 1 TB hard drive comes really handy while it comes to storing all your music, photos, movies, etc. in a safe and reliable environment. In case you think you might run out of space, then the DVD RW drive helps you offload the content on DVDs or create backups of your collections, or upload contents from DVDs/CDs directly to the hard drive.

The NAS is DLNA Certified allowing you to access your stored video, photos and music on your TV via your PS3, Xbox or DLNA mediaplayer and the fast Gigabit Ethernet card allows you to connect the NAS to your wireless modem/router enabling you to access your content on the NAS from anywhere in the world, securely, via the internet.

In case you do have a business requirement, the N1T1 is also great for business use with its Active Directory support, User Management controls and built-in FTP server support.

The LG N1T1 1TB DLNA Certified NAS with Built-In DVD-RW is available from Dabs for £99.99.