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Apple has 1,000 Engineers working on iPhone & iPad Processors

Steve Jobs reportedly divulged to a "veteran Silicon Valley CEO" that Apple has 1,000 engineers focused on developing mobile processors, out of a total of 20,000 staff not working in the retail sector, CNet reports.

The iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 have benefitted from their work in the form of Apple's latest dual core A5 processor.

The company's aim is to have smaller chips that provide more power with less energy consumption. Apple's current top processor, the dual core A5, was released with the iPad 2 in March 2011, when Steve Jobs presented the processor's impressive performance.

The A5 is said to be up to two times faster than its predecessor the A4, with nine times the graphics performance, using the same power.

Apple's high interest in developing mobile processors has been obvious to industry observers, as the corporation has bought two chip-makers in the last couple of years. In 2008, Apple acquired PA Semi, a young company known to produce low-power chips; last year Apple went out shopping again for a chip manufacturer with a good track record and found Intrisity, a small company previously known for its association with Samsung.

Apple started pilot production of its A6 chip in the summer, reportedly asking Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company to carry out the work.

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