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Everything Everywhere and BT start first 4G UK trial

Mobile phone umbrella company Everything Everywhere and BT Wholesale have started the UK’s first next generation 4GLTE network, with 200 people in Cornwall.

The Everything Everywhere and BT partnership for the 4G scheme was announced back in May this year, where 400 residents in the South West of the UK applied to be a part of this scheme.

This is set to be the world’s first test of a 4G mobile broadband network, where the 200 successful applicants are testing both the latest mobile broadband and fix line solutions for areas with little or no Internet coverage.

Prior to this trial there was an eight week laboratory trial, which rigorously tested the network deployment in simulated conditions where the field trial will now examine the live experience with a hope to get a better understanding of realistic 4G LTE speeds in St. Newlyn East and surrounding area.

Data speeds can vary due to a number of factors, which include the number of people using the network, physical factors such as distance to a mast, building density and geographical terrain.

One hundred mobile and one hundred fixed-wireless broadband triallists living in a 25 square kilometre area in Cornwall will test the application of 4G LTE as a shared fixed and mobile platform , using 10MHz of test 800MHz spectrum.

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