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The Independent Website to Introduce Paywall for Non-UK Readers

The Independent has announced its plans to launch a pay-wall for non-UK visitors to its website.

According to The Guardian, apart from introducing the pay wall, the newspaper also plans to launch a paid iPad application and cut more than 70,000 free newspaper circulations.

The new steps are a part of the newspaper’s strategy to reinvent itself as a premium multimedia company.

The newly erected pay wall will allow US and Canadian visitors to access 20 free news articles every month. Non-UK users will have to pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to the newspaper’s website content.

The Guardian reports that around 40-50 percent of visitors to the Independent’s website were from outside the UK and there were many non-UK visitors that viewed more than 20 articles per month. The Independent hopes to convert these visitors into paying subscribers.

"2012 will be about prioritisation and focus," said Andy Mullins, managing director of Independent Print Ltd.

"It will be about reallocating and targeting our scarce resources behind the brands and products that matter most. The Independent brand will be key to securing and building our future. i will be about audience scale and optimising the revenue taken from the traditional and existing revenue markets. Our moves on bulks and the foreign edition underpin this approach" he added.