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Intel's Arizona plant hit by fire

A fire at an Intel plant in Arizona on Friday has left eight people injured, though there were thankfully no fatalities.

According to coverage from the the local newspaper Tucson Citizen, the fire started at the plant in Chandler when welding work begin carried out on the outside of the facility ignited nearby bales of plastic.

Although the fire was small, the toxic nature of the material led to eight people requiring treatment for smoke inhalation while three were serious enough to require hospitalisation.

This incident marks the second time this year that local fire department officials have attended Intel's facility, following a fire back in June which was believed to have started in the plant's solvent collection room.

Thankfully, the fire appears to have been minor in comparison to a blaze which struck Apple's OEM of choice Foxconn back in September, which started in the production area of the company's Chengdu facility.

Equally thankfully, there are no reports of any serious injuries in any of the cases. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.