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iPhone 4S SoC To End Up In New Apple TV?

The same system on chip used in the Apple iPhone 4S, the A5, may find its way into the next generation Apple TV according to tech news website 9to5mac.

The site reports that there is a reference to a new Apple TV 3.1 inside the iOS 5 file system, which seems to be an upgrade to the current Apple TV 2.1.

As we previously predicted, the Apple TV will almost certainly get that dual core A5 SoC, which is already inside the 4S and the iPad 2, an increase in RAM and the ability to support 1080p video playback and potentially Bluetooth 4.0.

That said, Apple has only just released the current Apple TV in a few European countries, which could make it slightly off-putting for many to see a "new Apple TV" launched weeks after the existing one has appeared in their country.

We expect the Apple TV to be launched at the earliest in January 2012. It would be interesting to see whether Apple introduces some radically new features as well, like a modified Siri-based interface, although that may cause Apple to hike up the price of the device.

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