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iPhone 4S Voice Assistant Upgrade: The Sarcastic GLaDOSiri

The innovative voice recognition features integrated in the newly released iPhone 4S have raised a lot of buzz. Recently, the enthusiasm took a more intriguing turn, as Aperture Science introduced an Assistant with a bit more personality, IntoMobile reports.

The inspiration came to Jeff Heimbuch, who combined GLaDOS, the AI system from Valve Software's Portal games, with Siri, the voice activated assistant of the iPhone 4S. He used the iPhone 4S official Siri demonstration and replaced the voice, minus the subtlety of the "humble assistant", with a series of mocking remarks of an assistant not at all happy with its owner.

As the clip on IntoMobile shows, the 'updated' integrated assistant comes up with snide comments in response to commands? For instance, it reports cold weather reassuring the lady holding the phone that her few extra pounds will provide sufficient insulation; or, it might let the owner know he is late for a date and then comment that he is not that welcome anyway. GLaDOS Siri would still be helpful and deliver incoming dinner invitations, but it also suggests that a quick snack might be more appropriate given the owner's weight.

The little chores that the iPhone can help you with could be more fun with a dose of sarcasm, but at the end the mock advertisement suggests "GLaDOS might try to kill you". Charming.

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