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Kindle Fire Registered Under Amazon Spinoff ‘Seesaw’

In a recent development, online retail giant has registered trademarks of its newest Kindle Fire tablet and other related products under a different and separate company name - Seesaw LLC.

Last month, Amazon introduced its first tablet device, the Kindle Fire that runs on a modified version of the Android mobile OS and it is seen as a competitor of other Android tablets and also the iPad family of tablets.

Fusible suggested that in order to give proper attention to its tablet business, Amazon is setting up a new and separate company. For the record, Fusible is the one that spotted the fact that Kindle Fire has been registered under Seesaw Company.

Amazon, which is not originally a hardware company, is incurring $10 loss with each of the device in order to push its other digital products like eBooks, music, Android apps and so on. Thus, the Kindle Fire will still make money for the company despite the fact that it is individually not profitable.

The move by Amazon, according to many, is a risky business decision as if it fails they might just need to close their tablet business.

The Kindle Fire will be made available from mid-November so, until then nothing can be said about the product and its sustainability in the market.