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Lodsys Files Patent Infringement Lawsuits with Individual Developers Over In-App Purchases

Not very long ago a company named Lodsys initiated lawsuites against a very wide range of developers for “in App purchases” on both Apple’s iOS platform and Google’s Android platform. This company holds numerous patents related to in app purchases.

Apple has a pre-existing agreement with Lodsys to use the patents, but the reason behind suing of individual developers by Lodsys is that as per this company the agreement does not cover the individual developers.

Even though, Apple in a recent announcement said that they would like to intervene in the court cases between Lodsys and the individual iOS developers but as the events are unfolding Apple has filed applications for “in app purchases.”

If Apple gets the patent for the app purchases this will eventually end the legal battles between the Lodsys and the individual iOS developers. This is the solution for the Apple problem but the question mark remains for Android. If things remain the same then in near future Apple might go after Google in the same fashion as Lodsys.

Till now, Lodsys has been claiming all the rights to in app purchases for which Apple had to pay licence fees since the time it enabled the features with the iOS 3 platform.