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Ofcom Delays 4G Spectrum Auction Again

Much to the disappointment of end users, as well as a majority of the service providers, the UK telecom watchdog Ofcom has decided to delay the auction of 4G spectrum.

The auction, which was scheduled to held during the early days of the coming year, have been postponed to a later time -- possibly towards the end of 2012, Ofcom disclosed.

Ofcom justified its decision to delay the auction by saying that it was after all, all the intense arguments and responses towards its consultation that forced it into taking the move.

It also stated that despite the requirement for a fresh round of consultation, the delay will hardly make any negative impact when 4G services are finally launched in the country.

"We received a number of substantial and strongly argued responses to this consultation," Ofcom said in a statement, the Inquirer reports.

“In light of these responses, and the significance of the decisions that we need to take - decisions that are likely to shape the future of the mobile sector in the UK for the next decade or more - we have decided to undertake a further round of consultation on these issues," it added.