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Orange and T-Mobile customers to get 3G roaming between networks

Mobile phone umbrella company Everything Everywhere has announced that mobile phones on either T-Mobile or Orange will be able to roam between each other’s networks, for a 3G signal.

The 27million Orange and T-Mobile users have been able to freely roam between each other’s networks since October last year, for calls, text messages but only 2G signals – where 3G will now be possible, from next week onwards.

This benefit to customers of both mobile phone company's comes off the merger of the two networks, to form Everything Everywhere.

This entire scheme is ideal for those who have poor reception in certain areas, on one of those networks, but can gain a better signal on the other one.

Everything Everywhere’s introduction of 3G now extends this offering to their respective customers, whilst allowing for faster internet and data speeds in more places and at no extra cost.

Customers of each brand have shown the value in having access to each other’s networks, with 1.7 million days’ worth of calls or almost 41 million hours having been made on the other network, with almost five billion extra text messages having been sent and received since October last year.

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