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When will Siri Assistant be Available for iPad 2?

Of all the new characteristics integrated in iPhone 4S, the voice recognition feature known as the Siri Assistant has probably received the most attention.

Predictions are already being made regarding the evolution of this feature and its implications for the market; according to The Unofficial Apple Weblog (opens in new tab) we are likely to see Siri for iPad 2 in the first quarter of 2012, but not sooner.

The iPad 2, with its A5 processor and the upcoming iOS 5, will be capable of supporting the Siri Assistant. iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 have simple Voice Control functions but have not been integrated in iPad or iPad 2, as these features were seen as more appropriate for pocket devices.

Now with Siri unveiled it seems that the much improved voice control functions could bring real benefits to iPad users. Setting up Reminders and Calendar events, as well as looking up information on the internet simply with vocal commands, would surely improve the tablet experience and Apple will introduce it when the time is right.

In order to boost sales in the holiday season Siri is likely to remain an exclusive selling point for the iPhone 4S, which will also allow Apple a few months to see how its servers cope with the large volume of voice requests.

Also iPhone 4S will hit a wider international market in December and therefore a new upgrade for iOS 5 is not likely to be released much sooner than Spring 2012.

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