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Vodafone Lashes Out at Three as Ofcom Delays Auctions

UK wireless carrier Vodafone has lashed out against rival Three as regulator Ofcom delays the auction of 4G wireless spectrum by 6 months.

Ofcom decided to delay the auction of 4G wireless network by 6 months, claiming that it needed more time to consider the consultations submitted to it and make the rules accordingly, so that market competition is not affected.

The regulator had plans to put caps on the amount of spectrum network carriers can acquire in order to regulate competition. 3, the smallest of the four big wireless carriers in the UK, has claimed that delaying the auction will harm its business as it needs spectrum to address the data demands by customers.

Three rivals believe that the company is crying foul even after selling more iPhones than any other wireless carrier in the UK. 3’s rivals believe that Ofcom rules give undue advantage to the company by allowing it to purchase the spectrum at cheap rates.

"My view of 3 is very clear. They dress up in short trousers and they run around the playground complaining that they're being bullied by the older boys,” Guy Laurence, Vodafone's UK chief executive, told The Sunday Telegraph.

“But let's be clear – according to Hutchison's own figures, they sell more iPhones than Vodafone or O2 or Everything Everywhere. That doesn't sound like bullying to me,” he added.