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Xbox Live Update Release Likely on November 25?

A redesigned and content-enabled version of Xbox Live, which will be accompanied by a wide range of new features is likely to be launched on the coming November 25, according to a new report.

Gigaom first reported this, citing unnamed sources perhaps someone with an inside-view on the proceedings. Microsoft Studios announced recently that the Xbox Live was soon going to begin working with broadcast networks from all across the world, and also that Xbox 360 gamers will be treated with digital television experience right on their console.

As a part of this new offering, the company was planning to include content from Channel 4, Channel 5, LoveFilm and BBC in the UK.

There were also reports of the company deploying a modified version of the Silverlight framework in order to deliver the renovated Xbox 360 Live.

"The goal is to quickly mature the platform, with the potential of enabling other third-party developers to eventually use the Lakeview framework to build their own apps for the Xbox 360 console," read the GigaOm report.

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