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£579 Acer Aspire Timeline 3820T Intel Core i5 Laptop

The Acer Aspire Timeline 3820T laptop is an ideal business laptop with top of the range Intel processor, smaller screen and prolonged battery backup.

The Time 3820T is equipped with Intel Core i5 2.66GHz processor and the enormous 6GB of RAM makes sure that all your multimedia, business and entertainment applications run seamlessly without any lag in performance or delay in output.

If we consider business laptops then one of the important features is the size of the screen. the screen size should be big enough allowing one to perform the tasks efficiently but not that big such that it would be difficult to carry around. Acer suffices that requirement particularly well by fitting a 13.1-inch screen in the 3820T. The screen is capable of 1366x768.

Next feature that is always welcome is prolonged battery life and the Timeline 3820T excel in that area as well with a battery backup of up to 8 hours making it a perfect laptop solution while you are on the move at all times.

The 500GB hard disk drive enables you to store a ton of data safely and securely. The laptop comes pre-installed with Windows 7 Home Premium that can be easily upgraded to Windows 7 Business if you wish to. The only drawback of the laptop is that it doesn’t include any optical drive.

The Acer Aspire Timeline 3820T Core i5 Laptop is available from Laptops Direct for £579.