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Adobe shows off unblurring Photoshop tool at MAX

Adobe is working on a tool for its Photoshop image manipulation package that could prove a blessing to amateur photographers everywhere: a plug-in which refocuses blurred images.

Demonstrated at the company's recent Adobe MAX conference, the deblurring tool is simple enough: pick a photograph which has been blurred through too long an exposure time for the motion, and it will analyse precisely how the blur works before doing its best to reverse the action.

While Adobe's tool isn't the first - popular open-source image manipulation tool The GIMP includes a 'refocus' plug-in which works in much the same way - the results are startling: attendees at the conference erupted in applause during the demonstration, with several jokingly shouting that it was 'impossible.'

The tool also helps recover data from images, with the example using a blurred cameraphone snap of a poster to enhance the text to make it more readable.

The tool, as it currently stands, requires some manual tweaking, with the demonstration making use of pre-set configuration files to get the impressive results shown. Future releases, however, are likely to have a much more user-friendly interface - although Adobe is refusing to confirm whether the tool will appear in the next version of Photoshop.

The demonstration was recorded by attendee Peter Elst, and can be seen - sadly in slightly too low a quality to really make out the tool's full capabilities - reproduced below. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.