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BlackBerry Tag Enables Content Sharing Through NFC

Earlier this year, RIM promised that “many, if not most” Blackberry handsets will have the NFC technology before the end of 2011. Now Blackberry Bold 9900, Blackberry Bold 9930 and also Blackberry Curve 9350, Blackberry Curve 9360 and Blackberry 9370 feature this technology and many more handsets to have this functionality are lined up.

Besides this, RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie also unveiled for the first time the Blackberry Tag at the GITEX conference of this week in Dubai.

The Blackberry Tag will hit the market as part of the next Blackberry 7 update. Like the Bump apps on the iOS and Android, photos, documents, URL’s and contact information can be shared by tapping Blackberry devices together. Bump app uses Bluetooth connectivity whereas Blackberry uses NFC technology.

Blackberry users, who earlier used scanning codes, now, by simply tapping the devices against each other will be able to establish connections that will swap BBM contact information automatically.

The best thing is that the developers can bake the Tag functions into their own apps as the developers will have easy access to Blackberry Tag API reports

Throughout the year RIM has done considerable work on its software and offering the market some latest technology to gain back its market position.