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The Future of HP's WebOS Unit Still Uncertain

If rumors are to be believed, HP has already finished the initial bidding process for its WebOS unit.

According to those close to the company, HP will hold a meeting during which they will reveal future plans for selling or spinning off the group tomorrow.

Last year, HP acquired Palm for $1.2 billion. Soon after, they abandoned the WebOS hardware program following the disappointing performance of the Touchpad tablet which relied on the new technology. This left the future of the Palm team in the air with the rest Personal Systems Group.

After leaving the WebOS program, HP’s PSG unit concentrated on building a chain of Window’s based personal computers that turned out to be a huge success. This made the company the world’s largest seller of PCs at the global level.

Since then, Chief executive of HP, Leo Apotheker, in an August 18th announcement, said that HP would evaluate the future of the PSG unit--whether to sell it or spin it off into a subsidiary.

It is clear that HP is not at all interested in the WebOS program and now it seems that HP might sell it to any third party not interested in building a mobile environment from scratch.