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Google Introduces New Web Programming Language Called 'Dart'

Google has developed a new web programming language called Dart that gives developers an alternative to JavaScript. The company believes the new language will address the shortcomings of the old one.

In a blog post, the company said the language was designed as a structured but flexible web programming platform which is to programmers so they are able to grasp it.

“Dart targets a wide range of development scenarios: from a one-person project without much structure to a large-scale project needing formal types in the code to state programmer intent. To support this wide range of projects, Dart has optional types; this means you can start coding without types and add them later as needed. We believe Dart will be great for writing large web applications,” the company explained.

Google said the language could be used in two ways, either run on a native virtual machine or on top on the JavaScript engine using a compiler, which converts Dart code into JavaScript. The company has made the code for Dart available as open source software on