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Hacktivist Group Lulzsec Chooses Not to Release Stolen Email Due to Impending Court Battle

Sabu, the leader of the hacker group Lulzsec, claims he still has email copied from the servers of The Sun among other data stolen during the group’s hacking exploits.

According to an article on The Guardian, the hacker claims the group is sitting on a lot of files, which were stored on a server in China.

He also claims that the group was not able to upload the files due to the intense legal crackdown on Lulzsec members in the UK and United States. Sabu stated he was on the run from the law after some of the alleged members were arrested.

“We think, actually we may not release emails from The Sun, simply because it may compromise the court case,” he said.

“I'm past the point of no return. Not trying to sound like a bad ass, however, it's the truth. The ironic twist will be that my own friends will take me down, and not these idiots who hide behind the patriot veil,” he wrote on his Twitter feed.

The group, which is the offshoot of hacktivist group, Anonymous, managed to hack into a lot of websites and steal information. Some of its targets included Sony Pictures Europe,, PBS and the News International website. The group also attacked the US Congress website and the UK Serious Organised Crime Agency.