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iPhone 4S Deals: 195 Pay Monthly UK Tariffs Compared Across 6 Networks [Updated]

(14/10/2011 : The article and the table have been updated to include Tesco Mobile and amend some mistakes).

The iPhone 4S has already been available on preorder for a few days on all major mobile phone networks in the country, and as with previous iPhone releases we have some analysis of the tariffs as they stand, just before the official delivery date which is set for the 14th of October.

One Mobile Ring (opens in new tab) has published an easy-to-read total cost of ownership guide for the iPhone 4S, which takes into account the accompanying tariff prices over the entire duration of the 24-month contract duration, showing exactly how much will be spent by the end of the two year period.

On paper at least, Three appears to have the lowest costs for the Apple iPhone 4S and across all of the various storage sizes too, but there is a trade-off as it does have the highest monthly tariff.

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Orange has the lowest costing contract for the iPhone 4S, with nearly the highest priced mobile phone out of all the networks but the lowest costing TCO – at the end of the 24 month period.

There is a trade-off here too, as the Orange deal has the lowest accompanying minutes, text message bundle and data allowance with 50 minutes, 50 text messages and a 100MB mobile broadband offering.

Three has the best package offer, with 300 minutes, a 5,000 text message bundle and a 500MB data allowance where only T-Mobile has the same data package.

As for O2, their prices for the Apple iPhone 4S appears to be the cheapest offering of all the mobile phone networks and for all the different storage capacities too – over the whole 24 month contract duration.

Once again, there is a trade-off as the accompanying contract only has 100 minutes, a 500 text message bundle and a 100MB data allowance.

Vodafone has also just updated its iPhone 4S pricing but even this not enough to move it up the list of best value iPhone 4S packages.

The most comprehensive list of iPhone 4S tariffs in the country, all 195 of them which can be seen here.

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