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iPhone 4S Sets New Record: 1 Million Pre-Orders In 24 hours

With Apple going through such a turbulent past week, now is time for some encouraging news.

In an official statement Apple revealed it had sold a staggering 1 million iPhone 4S in the first day of pre-orders - 400,000 more than the previous top selling device, the iPhone 4.

“We are blown away with the incredible customer response to iPhone 4S,” Philip Schiller, senior vice president of product marketing declared.

“The first day pre-orders for iPhone 4S have been the most for any new product that Apple has ever launched and we are thrilled that customers love iPhone 4S as much as we do,” Schiller said.

Ignoring the criticisms of some about the phone having the same design as its predecessor and not sporting certain technological advancements like 4G data speeds or NFC technology, users, it seems, are more attracted by what the iPhone 4S does have.

The voice control feature, known now as Siri Asssitant, an 8MP much-improved camera and 1080 HD video recording all powered by the A5 dual core processor, have already gained the heart of many.

Analysts believe the timing was just right for the launch which is another thing that has boosted sales. The users' anticipation grew high as Apple delayed the smartphone's release (albeit the iPhone 4 was still selling fantastically well) with the hype reaching a frenetic level. In addition, the upcoming holiday season and the availability at three major carriers is expected to increase the sales figures furthermore.

Another reason for the users loyalty to iPhone was neither expected nor desired by anyone. The passing of Steve Jobs just a day after iPhone 4S was released may have meant for many Apple fans (and perhaps even non-Apple fans) that iPhone 4S is the last device that bears the genius touch of Apple's iconic leader, with the respect and maybe sympathy of some consumers also driving the market.

Radu has been working as a freelance writer for more than five years and has been blogging around since 2004. He is interested in anything Apple as well as gaming and mobile applications.