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London International Technology Show to Make the UK a Tech Hub

The upcoming London International Technology Show (or LITS) will not only showcase the very best in the tech industry, it will also be a showcase for the UK as well.

While Europe can claim CeBit as a prominent show throughout the world, the UK will now have the right to a similar claim. Much like CES, held in the US, LITS promises to showcase a variety of products from tech companies all over the world. For attendees, this will be an interesting and educational event.

"We've put our hands in our pockets to make LITS happen and ensure the UK has a global representative as a technology powerhouse," says commercial director at Dennis Publishing, John Pudney, as reported by PC Retail Magazine.

Held on October 21st through October 23rd at London's Excel Centre, LITS will feature software, hardware, graphic design, audio, gaming and other products - existing and new from companies in the forefront of their fields. Seminars, workshops, live demonstrations and hands-on product testing are some of the incentives for attending.

Whether visitors to the show have an avid or passive interest in technology, LITS promises there is something for everyone. Many companies will provide chances to win prizes like iPads. With experts on-hand at demonstration booths, visitors will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive advice on technology issues or ways to improve the performance or functionality of products they already own.

Becoming the centre for technology in the UK is one of the many goals of LITS. In a few weeks, this goal will become a reality. You can register for the LIT Show here.

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