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4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) Tests Conducted in Rural UK Locations; Goal to Reduce 'Notspot' Areas

The 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless technology tests have finally begun. With approximately 200 people from St Newlyn East and surrounding areas participating in this experimental program, the goal is to evaluate usability of the technology in rural locations.

The tests, according to authorities, will be used to find out whether the 4G LTE technology is capable of providing rural areas within the country with high speed broadband connections.

According to various reports, there are still a number of internal blackspots, also known as ‘notspots’, all across the country, meaning these areas have yet to share the traditional fibre optics high speed broadband connections.

If the new experimental project proves to be successful, soon those “notspot” areas will be equipped with high speed Internet connectivity. The participants in the test-program will enjoy download-speeds as high as 10 Mbps.

"BT is committed to working with the government and using technology innovation to find ways of addressing the remaining challenges within the UK where there are still broadband notspots," said CEO of BT Wholesale, Neil Stagg in a statement, according to an article by