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Microsoft Employees Give Away Next-Gen Xbox 720 Clues

Few employees of Microsoft may have inadvertently disclosed that currently they are engaged in developing the successor of the gaming console Xbox 360. The development of a successor of Xbox 360 was always rumoured and with such information coming up on LinkedIn profiles of senior employees, Xbox 720 might not be that far.

Last week, it was reported that Rare is working on a “mature” title for Microsoft’s next machine, it was also reported that Lionhead and Turn 10 are currently working on the launch titles for the system. Rumours are also floating around that Crytek UK was working on Timesplitters 4.

The news of the Xbox successor came through updates made by a few Microsoft employees to their LinkedIn profiles. Mr. Jeff Faulkner updated his profile as “Xbox Next Gen Creative Director.”

Jonathan Harris, Senior creative Director at Microsoft updated his profile with “designing the next generation of entertainment”.

Patrick Corrigan is “providing groundwork and integration for branding elements for next gen Xbox on all forms of media”, that ranges “from print to UI across future release of the xbox platform.”