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Microsoft Looks to Nokia, HTC and Samsung to Improve Windows Phone 7 OS Smartphone Sales

After a disappointing response from the global smartphone market, Microsoft Corp. may be looking to companies like HTC, Nokia and Samsung to improve sales of its smartphones, according to a new report.

Sales figures for smartphones powered by the Redmond based software giant’s Windows Phone 7 OS platform have been far below expectation compared to what the company had been anticipating earlier.

Shaken by the unexpected disastrous performance of Windows Phone 7 devices, Microsoft first announced it was going to spend $400 million on advertising.

Now, according to latest reports, the company is hoping that the big brands in the WP7 eco-system such as Nokia, Samsung and HTC will help strengthen the device’s performance in the market.

The company’s president of mobile units, Andy Lee, told Bloomberg that Asian smartphone giants HTC and Samsung have already committed to increasing their marketing budgets for all respective WP7 devices.

Meanwhile, the company has not given up on the troubled smartphone platform as it prepares to release the latest version of the Windows Phone OS - the WP 7.5 Mango within a few weeks.