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Microsoft Zune HD Finally Dead?

After a week of speculations and confusions Microsoft official ended its 5 years old Zune media player.

Last Friday, in a Windows Phone podcast the Senior marketing manager for Microsoft, Brian Seitz confirmed this news. He said to the co-host Matt Akers, “Since you and I both were Zune brethren there was finally the announcement that we are not going to be making the Zune HD anymore, which was a bummer”.

Before this declaration Microsoft did give out hits about the end of the Zune HD while introducing a handful of new Zune applications. There was also a notification in the official Microsoft Store Website that the Zune HD is “out of stock”.

This shows that Microsoft was not quite ready to accept the fact that its Zune HD is not a success which was launched in 2006 to compete with the iPod.

Seitz, at the Podcast, pointed that the device might have done well if Microsoft would have publicised it in a better way.

Zune HD players were the first Microsoft products to use “Metro” interface which is used in the Microsoft phones, Windows 8 and the Xbox 360. Despite the failure of the hardware the software definitely helped Microsoft to break monotony and redefine itself.