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Motorola launches intriguing teaser trailer for new product

Newly acquired Google mobile phone company Motorola Mobility has released a video for a new device being launched on Tuesday 18th October, which promises to be faster, thinner, smarter and stronger.

Motorola’s teaser flashes up a whole number of images on the footage, with themes surrounding faster, thinner, smarter and stronger – with reported rumours of a possible new Motorola Atrix mobile phone, or even a new Razr handset.

The intriguing footage starts with showing a bullet, a rollercoaster, a speedometer, a fighter jet and a speeding car for the faster segment; rings of Saturn, a razor blade, New York's Flatiron building, a coin and playing card for the thinner part of the video; a brain, a data farm, noughts and crosses board, an origami bird and the number 42 for smarter; with a bullet proof vest, a dam and a diamond for stronger.

People have read into the razor blade being displayed for a new Motorola RAZR to be launched, although the company has already produced a budget RAZR-esque device this year with the Motorola Gleam that was exclusively sold through Carphone Warehouse.

The video ends with the news of the unveiling will happen on the 18.10.11 which indicates the announcement won’t be in America, judging from the date format.

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