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Nokia Employee Comments on Belle Update Release in Nokia Europe Forum

Rumors have been circulating in recent weeks to determine if Nokia was indeed going to unveil the much anticipated Belle update on October 26 during the Nokia World 2011 event, but these rumors failed to be true.

Nokia has since come forward to end these rumors once and for all today.

During a discussion on the Nokia Europe forum, many speculated when the new edition of Belle would be released. It was then that a Nokia employee posted a comment on the forum that provided reassurance that the update would be released in due time. Even though the information was not what those on the forum wanted to hear, it was reassuring to know that Nokia has a plan to release the updated version of Belle in the near future.

“As you all know we are NOT announcing any dates for our software updates in advance,” the Nokia employee named Skyee revealed.

“At the moment our focus first is to get Symbian Anna out to our customers in the US, Canada & Australia. Symbian Belle IS coming - but definitely not on 26th October as some blogs are claiming,” he added.