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Re-designed iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 was Never on the Cards

Remember all those rumours and speculation emanating from leaked photos and 'trusted sources' that raised expectations of a re-designed iPhone 5 with a thinner body and a larger display?

Well, it was apparently never Apple's intention to redesign the iPhone, since the current look is sleek enough, well received by the market and has proved to be successful over the years, Business Insider (opens in new tab) reports.

Analyst John Gruber, from Daring Fireball points out that the rumours were blown out of all proportion as Apple never planned to change the design just to offer something new. Any change must be justifiable and bring something decisively better to the market.

In addition, Apple's cycle showed that after the iPhone 4 the company was bound to release the iPhone 4S, just as the iPhone 3GS followed iPhone 3G. Of course, now with hindsight, it is a bit easier for analysts to make such assertions.

Many users' high expectations, justified or not, were not met on the design front. Apple's hierarchy failed to put a stop to all the rumours and should not therefore be surprised at the disappointment of some.

Many others will be grateful that some superficial design criteria did not take precedence over the upgraded performance and software features integrated in the new iPhone 4S; and besides, the handset is already very good-looking, solid and functional.

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