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Tablet Prices Plummet as iPad 2 Rivals Seek Foothold

At Apple's recent big iPhone event, the company reported having a 74% share of the tablet market, comfortably occupying the leading position. In view of such dominance, its competitors have had to regroup and rethink their strategies, with most opting for a good old-fashioned price cut, CNet (opens in new tab) reports.

Over recent weeks tablet vendors have been adjusting their price-points desperately trying to find the optimum level, with some tablets' prices having dropped by up to $200. For some other slates on the market lower prices popped up for a short while, before the old price tags then reappeared.

At Best Buy the price has dropped drastically for the HTC Flyer from $499 to $299, at the time this article was published the price change was still accurate. On the other hand RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook was briefly available at a $200 discount for only a few lucky buyers, although the old $499 price tag has since returned.

This doesn't seem like a wise course of action, as Apple's iPad has a price range starting from $500.

At the same time the newly released Kindle Fire from Amazon, running on Android OS, looks set to hit the ground running, as pre-orders reportedly passed a quarter of a million inside a week. The Kindle Fire has an appealing price tag of $199 as well as the selling force of Amazon, making it seemingly the most capable tablet of denting Apple's lead.

Other tablet manufacturers such as Archos, Viewsonic and Hannspree have gone for even lower pricing, with the most extreme example being India's recently launched Aakash tablet, which will retail for a staggeringly low price of $60.

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