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US Based ISP Opposed Court Order in WikiLeaks Case

A California based ISP (Internet Service Provider) has confirmed that it had appealed against an earlier court order that asked it to hand over certain customer’s account info in the wake of an ongoing criminal investigation.

According to The Associated Press this new development has come into being after a grand jury in Alexandria, led by Federal prosecutors started digging into one of the largest-ever disclosure of classified American documents by the whistleblowing website Wikileaks.

The ISP in question,, based in Santa Rosa, California confirmed on Monday that it tried, unsuccessfully though, to vacate an earlier court order which demanded the company to provide detailed account information about one of its customers - Jacob Appelbaum.

Jacob Appelbaum is believed to be a supporter of Wikileaks, and is a suspect in the declassifying of many sensitive US government files on behalf of Julian Assange’s whistleblowing army.

“The court orders do not seek the substance of electronic correspondence like individual tweets or e-mail text, but they do seek addresses that can be used to determine with whom an account holder is corresponding.”