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Visit the mac hall of fame at LITS

A Mac Hall of Fame will showcase a number of iconic Apple products at the London International Technology Show on 21st to 23rd October this year.

Products on show will include an Apple IIc Monitor, the Apple II Europlus, a Macintosh 512k, a Macintosh Colour Classic, Macintosh Plus, Apple Kanga, Apple Newton, Powerbook G3, Powerbook 170, Powerbook 5300, an iBook G4, iMac G3s Bondi, Indigo, and Green, a G4 Cube, an Apple 20th Anniversary Edition, an iPod original, Apple TV, and iPhone original… and lots more!

So if you’re interested in Apple products and their history, make sure to come and check it out.

If you still haven't got your ticket to London's greatest technology show then grab them here!