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Vodafone Cuts the Price of iPhone 4S Deals

Vodafone has slashed the upfront costs of the iPhone 4S handset ahead of the official launch of the smartphone in the UK on Friday.

The decision by Vodafone to cut the price of its iPhone 4S deals comes after it noticed that others were significantly cheaper than its own.

Vodafone also announced at the same time that it has ended the £59 cashback offer it had offered.

The cheapest no-upfront fee iPhone 4S from Vodafone now costs £46 per month on a two year contract, while the absolute cheapest you'd have to fork out for an iPhone 4S on Vodafone would be £863 over two years.

That compares well with the likes of Orange or T-Mobile but quite poorly with Three or O2. The latter offers a free phone from £41 with the same amount of minutes and texts but a third less data.

Note that Vodafone's tariffs also include 2GB Wi-Fi, 25MB European data + 10 Euro SMS per day, a boon if you intend to travel on a regular basis to mainland Europe.

We've compiled a massive list of 180 pay monthly iPhone 4S deals from all the main mobile phone operators in the country.

You can also participate our ongoing competition which will end on the 21st of October and get the chance to win an iPhone 4S by answering a simple question.

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