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£69.99 LG E1960S TFT LED 19-inch VGA Monitor

Are you looking for an entry level TFT LCD monitor that would go easy on your pockets but deliver picture output at more or less the same quality as that of modern monitors? Well, then the LG E1960S TFT LED 19" VGA Monitor is the one to go for.

The E60 series monitor from LG has a reduced depth of 12.9mm because of LG’s innovative technology. The blue light, when the monitor is in active mode, makes the monitor look elegant and adds to the overall design of the monitor. LG promises brilliant picture quality through LED backlight. The Mega dynamic Contrast Ratio at 5000000:1 reproduces deeper and richer pictures.

The screen size is 18.5-inch and given a picture output at 1366x768 pixels. The 5ms response time makes sure that you enjoy not only the graphical user interface of your operating system, but also lets you play high action games without blur or jitter.

The monitor comes with only a VGA port is definitely suitable for people who are looking to replace their old monitors.

Some of the other features of the monitor are sRGB colour management, f-ENGINE technology, Photo Effect.

The LG E1960S TFT LED 19-inch VGA Monitor is available from eBay for £69.99.