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AMD Launches FX ‘Bulldozer’ Series Desktop Processors

Semiconductor giant AMD proudly announced on Tuesday the launch of its new FX series of processors, aimed at the desktop PC market and equipped with a set of customisable and fully unlocked functionalities.

According to the chip giant, the FX line of products are completely unlocked for much easier overclocking, thus making them luscious for every multimedia and gaming enthusiasts. AMD has also stated that the new range of chips happen to be the first ever 8-core desktop processors.

The chips are equipped with four modules, each with a pair of cores, said the company.

"While overclockers will certainly enjoy the frequencies the AMD FX processors can achieve, PC enthusiasts and HD media aficionados will appreciate the remarkable experience that AMD FX processors can provide as part of a balanced, affordable desktop system," said Chris Cloran, CVP and general manager of the Client Computing Group at AMD, in a press release.

Amongst the new products in the FX series, the FX-8150 happens to be the most powerful one with a base clock speed of 3.6 GHz, and it go as high as 4.2 GHz using the ‘Max Turbo’ mode and would be available in stores for about $245.