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Apple Controls US Smartphone and Tablet Market with 43% Share; Google has 34%

A new report explains how Apple continues to maintain a significant lead over Google when it comes to the combined market share of smartphone and tablet devices.

The study, conducted by research outfit comScore, states that while the combined stake of the iPhone and the iPad in the U.S market stands around 43 percent, Google’s smartphone and tablet devices stands at around 34 percent.

Google, however, enjoys a lead over the iPhone maker when it comes to their respective sales figures of smartphone devices. But thanks to the incredible popularity of the iPad, and a rather disappointing performance by the Android powered tablet devices, Apple is considerably ahead of the search giant in terms of combined market share of their respective tablet and smartphone products.

"With iOS having a significantly higher share of traffic (58.5 percent) compared to its share of devices (43.1 percent), it suggests that iOS users are heavier-than-average consumers of Internet content," said comScore senior vice president of mobile, Mark Donovan in a statement, as reported by eWeek. It is uncertain how Google will try to advance in claiming more of the US market.