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Apple iPhone 4S Review Roundup: Part 1

Some very lucky reviewers have managed to get their mitts on the iPhone 4S and have already published the first reviews of the handset two days before it officially goes on sale in the US and in the UK.

Joshua Topolsky from Thisismynext (opens in new tab) claims that the iPhone 4S takes some of "the nicest, cleanest photos" he ever took on a mobile device and is a strong candidate to replace a point and shoot. Photos he said were "crisp, balanced, colorful" with low-noise and never over saturated.

David Pogue, from the New York Times (opens in new tab), points out rightly that the stand out feature of the iPhone 4S may not be the hardware but the Siri Assistant which captured more than 10 minutes of last week's event.

Pogue said that Siri is not only user-friendly (it doesn't need any learning curve apparently) but it is also very accurate for what is essentially a speech to text/text to speech interface.

Siri, it's worth noting, will be limited to the iPhone 4S because it uses some features available only on the A5 chip (which means that Siri will almost certainly come to the iPad 2).

As for iOS 5, it will give a significant performance boost to older Apple smartphones like the iPhone 4 and the 3GS as well as bringing some very nice features (wireless sync, iCloud, iMessage) to the table.

Désiré Athow

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