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Blackberry Blackout: RIM Shares Tumble On Third Outage Day

Shares of Research in Motion have fallen abruptly since transactions resumed this morning, losing 2.5 per cent in early transactions, while they ended the day yesterday on a five per cent rise at market close.

Since the beginning of the year, shares of RIM have plunged by nearly 60 per cent, valuing the company at just under $12.5 billion, a very attractive price for a company like Microsoft or Oracle.

RIM explained earlier today that a defective switch brought Blackberry Internet Services and Blackberry Messenger down for millions of users worldwide, an acknowledgement that is likely to get many analysts uneasy when it comes to the resilience of Blackberry's infrastructure.

And at that same Blackberry Innovation Forum, its managing director for the UK, apologised for the incredibly frustrating time that users have had to put up with.

We suspect that RIM must have faced a large backlog of data which might have clogged its own Blackberry infrastructure as it attempts to clear it out.

Ironically, all this happened days before the official launch of the Apple iPhone 4S which comes with iMessenger. We wouldn't bet against the likelihood that quite a few of those queuing up on Friday in front of the Apple Stores in London will be swapping their Blackberry for Apple's handset.

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