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Blackberry To Compensate Users After BBM, BIS Outage Fiasco?

Research in Motion is still struggling to get Blackberry users back on track with their Messenger and Internet Services, more than 48 hours after the first signs of a system breakdown emerged; and to pile more misery on RIM, there's a growing call for RIM to compensate firms for lost business.

It is not the first time that RIM has been hit by an outage; back in 2007 and 2008, Research in Motion customers were affected by two outages, although none of them was as significant as the one which has crippled Blackberry's infrastructure since Monday.

RIM doesn't provide service level agreements or SLA to end users but many of its value added resellers (VARs) do and they might end up on the wrong end of the stick having to put up with irate, fed-up customers.

The legal and financial implications are still unknown but it is very likely that VARs and service providers will be looking for some sort of compensation to mitigate their own losses.

And there's an even dirtier implication for RIM as many are likely to check what rivals such as Microsoft, Apple and Android will be offering in terms of enterprise solutions.

Ian Fogg, a mobile industry analyst at analyst firm Forrester, pointed out rightly that "RIM is in danger of becoming its own worst enemy if it is unable to reliably operate the communication services that have differentiated it".

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