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Cadillac to Improve Touch Screen Technology in Upcoming Models

For those eager to purchase a new Cadillac, advanced touch screen technology will soon be available to make driving more convenient.

CUE, which stands for Cadillac User Experience, is what executives consider a big leap towards simplicity and convenience.

Currently, many drivers find existing touch screens that have multiple icons and control knobs confusing. These control functions include radio station settings, navigation system functions and phone call features.

The latest Cadillac system has been designed to sort out all the confusion related to touch screens. The purpose is to eliminate 30 to 40 buttons that present in the center console of some cars and replace them with a handful of easy-to-read icons.

Cadillac claims to have put a lot of thought and attention into automotive touch screen technology. According to Don Butle, Vice President of marketing Cadillac, CUE “culminates in a groundbreaking system."

The CUE has some amazing industry-leading features like Hand Gestures, Pinch and Squeeze, Sense recognition and Innovative storage.

Cadillac is also revamping the instrumental panel to facilitate all the new changes.