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Google+ Traffic Surge Was Temporary Claims Site

The data analytics company Chitika said that after Google’s decision to make its social networking site Google+ available to everyone it noticed a temporary spike which has now deflated.

At the time of its launch in late June, Google’s social networking site was limited to people who received invitation either from Google directly or from an existing member.

When this limitation was lifted on 20th September, the use of Google+ surged more than 1269%. But, the surge in traffic has subsided to same levels as of its pre-public launch.

In a blog post titled “Failure to Launch: Google+ Growth Spurt Short Lived”, data analyst at Chitika, Gabe Donnini said “The data shows that, on the day of its public debut, Google+ traffic skyrocketed to peak levels. But, soon after, traffic fell by over 60% as it returned to its normal, underwhelming state”. No comments have been received from Google regarding this.

Google launched Google+ with high expectation and wants it to be a credible competitor of Facebook. In fact, since the launch of Google+ Facebook has also been launching upgrades and new features to make it more gripping for the users.