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Gumby Creator Arthur Clokey Honored by Google Doodle

Arthur Clokey, world famous for his work in stop animation with clay figures, started in 1955 and worked until his death last year. He devoted his life to it, and had he been alive today, he would have complete 90 glorious years.

Born in Detroit, Clokey is best-known for the world famous Gumby; star of the Gumby Show, which is run on US television for 35 years.

The Gumby character generated more interest, when in the 1980s, Eddie Murphy parodied him in a Saturday Night Live skit.

Clokey’s production Gumbasia was one of his first clay animation productions. It was a short homage to Walt Disney’s Fantasia.

It was around that time that then President of Motion Pictures Producers Association Samuel G Engel took notice and financed the pilot film which became the Gumby Show.

In the latest edition of the Doodle, we see some of Clokey’s characters jumping out from balls made of clay.

Last month, Google celebrated its own birthday by changing the home page into a birthday party scene.

The popular search engine celebrated its official birthday on 27th September even though they filed for incorporation on September 4 1998 and the domain name was registered on September 15.