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IBM Adds Business Analytic Tools to WebSphere and Tivoli for IT Organisations

IBM is making its business analytics capabilities available to IT organisations so the organisations can monitor and predict issues with systems and processes.

This new tool is a part of IBM’s WebSphere and Tivoli lines. These lines are designed to work in a heterogeneous environment across a range of IT services which include storage, networks and services in the cloud.

The WebSphere Operational Decision Management tool monitors business processes in place of business rules and automatic governance, according to Vice President of market strategy at IBM, Scott Hebner.

About the mode of operation, Hebner said that when inquiries about a specific product arises, the system automatically alerts IT to devote more resources to the issue.

“This is for the IT employees to be able to ensure that a process is running efficiently against whatever rules are defined,” said Hebner, as reported by Computer World.

Tivoli analytics is another tool from IBM for enhancement of service performance that can provide a consolidated view across an IT environment.

To share information among these tools, IBM has updated the WebSphere Message Broker capabilities which is its messaging brokering.