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iPad Generates 97% Of Tablet Web Traffic, Now Surpassing iPhone

Mobile devices account for almost 7% of web traffic in the US; Apple's iOS has 58.5 % of the total with iPads now being slightly more popular than iPhones for internet usage.

The recent study by ComScore (opens in new tab) shows that the emerging tablet market now accounts for a third of 'non-computer' web traffic with Apple's iPad having a 97.2% share of that amount, leaving no room for debate regarding a serious tablet rival.

Inside the range of Apple devices, the battle is tighter, as iPads generate 46.8 % of iOS mobile web traffic, while iPhones claim 42.6 %.

However, Android holds the first position on the smartphone market with 43.7%, according to a survey evaluating the third quarter of 2011. Apple follows close behind with 43.1 %.

Analysts believe Android's popularity is based on consumer-friendly prices, low-end devices, including feature phones with basic functions. Overall the Android platform currently holds second place for web traffic via a mobile operating system.

ComScore observed that the situation "suggests that iOS users are heavier-than-average consumers of Internet content" allowing iOS to have 58.5% of non-computer US web traffic share as opposed to the 31.9 % Android has secured.

Clearly the main advantage for iOS is the vast superiority of the iPad over its Android rivals, though perhaps the entrance of Amazon onto the scene could change that. The recently announced Kindle Fire tablet, which runs on Android, has registered hundreds of thousands of preorders and, it has been suggested, could even surpass launch sales for Apple's iPad 2.

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