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iPhone 4S is Nearly as Fast as iPad 2

Although the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S sport the same A5 dual-core processor, according to available standards and various benchmark comparisons the iPhone 4S is slightly slower. The results also show that the 4S has far superior performance to the iPhone 4 as well as top Android smartphones (pre-Ice Cream Sandwich of course).

AnandTech (opens in new tab)recently published its analysis, where one source cited, Geekbench, reveals that the A5 chip in the iPhone 4S is running 20% slower than the A5 processor in its tablet cousin: "The iPad 2, with its A5 processor clocked at 1GHz, pulls off 751 points overall, where the iPhones 4S, its A5 processor clocked at about 800MHz, weighs in at a notably slower 623. Contrast with the iPhone 4, whose 800MHz A4 processor scores a much lower 360".

It is not surprising the iPhone 4S doesn't have the same power as the iPad 2, with one obvious reason being battery constraints. The considerably smaller battery (5.25 Whr) in iPhone 4S has lead to compromises in certain areas. A lower clocked CPU also allows for a higher production rate in the factory. Thermal dissipation would be a factor too.

When it comes to stock browser performance, iPhone 4S also significantly out-performed its predecessor as well as every Android handset (apart from Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 which was running Honeycomb).

Whilst the iPhone 4S trounced all Android smartphones in these benchmarks, the folk at AnandTech believe that the introduction of Google's new Ice Cream Sandwich OS should 'bridge the gap'.

For users interested in the graphics performance of iPhone 4S, AnandTech assures us, "The GPU power in the 4S should be more than enough to run any well written, current generation title at well north of 30 fps on its display."

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