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iPhone Prototype Sellers Ordered To Pay Apple $250

The two men who found and sold a lost iPhone 4 prototype in 2010 have been found guilty of the misdemeanor "theft of lost property".

Brian John Hogan, 22 years old, and Sage Robert Wallower, 28 were sentenced to one year probation and 40 hours public service (opens in new tab). In addition, they have to pay Apple $250 in restitution.

They made quite a profit, as they sold the prototype to technology website Gizmodo for $5000, immediately after they realised its value.

Gizmodo published photos of the prototype, and the premature iPhone 4 unveiling months before its release was considered very inconvenient. Apple's officials tried then to acquire the device by any means.

Police even raided the house of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen in search of the device, while Apple lawyers sent threatening letters to the site owners. The court decided that Gizmodo editors had no intention of breaking the law and no charges were filed.

After this incident, history almost repeated itself a year later when a new iPhone prototype was lost in a San Francisco tequila bar. This time the device was not recovered, although the police did their best to find it; and it hasn't shown up on any tech website, at least, not so far...

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