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Microsoft Tackles 23 Bugs with October’s Patch Tuesday

Microsoft, to patch 23 vulnerabilities present in the Windows OS, Internet Explorer, .Net Framework, Silverlight and other bits in its portfolio, released eight security updates yesterday.

Two of the updates were rated as “critical”, which means it is Microsoft’s most serious threat ranking and six others were ranked as “important”. Except eight vulnerabilities, rest all were tagged to Internet Explorer which effected one or more versions used by Microsoft clients or server versions of Windows.

To rate the 23 bugs 9 were rated as critical, 13 were rated as important and one was moderate. The two critical updates were MS 11-081 and MS 11-078 for Internet explorer and .Net and Silverlight respectively. More information on that here.

The patch for Internet explorer was important and was the top notch preference. Microsoft has a record of patching its browser nearly every other month and the last update was made in August.

The Internet explorer 9 which was shipped last March was affected by one of the eight critical vulnerabilities. This was not the first time when Microsoft patched the Internet explorer 9. However, this was the first time when the company had to fix a flaw specific only to this latest edition of the browser.

A webcast has been organised by Microsoft for October Security Bulletins.