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NGINX Responsible for Powering Over 40,000,000 Domains; Facebook, Hulu Among Them

NGINX, one of the leading names in open source web server domains, has announced it managed to raise $3 million in the company’s latest round of Series A funding.

As of today, NGINX is responsible for powering more than 40,000,000 domains on the Internet, including 20 percent of the busiest websites in the wolrd such as Facebook, Groupon, Hulu, WordPress, TechCrunch, Living Social, Zappos, Dropbox etc..

The firm attributes its impressive ability to deliver 10 times performance enhancement even with existing hardware components, blended with the scalability and security factors that have together made it the fastest expanding web server in the world. The company currently enjoys a market share of above 8.5 percent throughout all domains.

"By ensuring on-demand, high performance infrastructure product matching the needs of modern online businesses, NGINX has established itself as the second most popular open source web server in the world and the only one with a growing market share," said Dmitry Chikhachev of Runa Capital, in a statement (opens in new tab).

“It all makes the company a very attractive investment, particularly as NGINX prepares to build on its success with the launch of new commercial solutions," he added.