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RIM UK MD "Sorry" For Blackberry Messenger, Web Services Outage

Canadian mobile phone maker Research In Motion’s UK Managing Director Stephen Bates has taken to the stage at London’s third BlackBerry Innovation Forum with One Mobile Ring's Rob Kerr in attendance, to apologise for their network outage that has resulted in intermittent loss of service for two days throughout EMEA.

RIM’s UK MD assured at the beginning of his keynote speech to launch the event, Research In Motion is “working hard around the clock to resolve the issue” whilst stating that this is “not acceptable”.

Bates also mentioned that the “executive team are working on this night and day”, and the “server issues are regarded with high focus,” adding, RIM is “not going to stop until they get to the end of the problem”.

Blackberry users have been hit by yet another day of downtime which affected Blackberry's popular Messenger service. Ironically, this comes ahead of the launch of Apple's iOS 5 which will introduce iMessenger, widely viewed as the missing feature that will allow Apple's iPhone to compete with Blackberry's handsets.

In regards to keeping their customers informed of progress, he went on to note RIM will “continue dialogue through carrier partners”, where they are “doing their best to improve communications, with updates on Twitter and Facebook”.

There are over 70 million BlackBerry users worldwide with 20 petabytes of data going through their network every day – with seven million of those handset users based in the UK.

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